How Do You Access the Jupiter Ed Online Gradebook?

To login to the Jupiter Ed online gradebook, visit and click Login on the right side of the main navigation bar. Depending on your role, log in under the appropriate tab: Student/Parent, TA, Sub or Teacher/Admin.

To log in as a student or parent, enter the student name or ID, password, school name, city, country and state. To log in as a teaching assistant, substitute or teacher/administrator, simply enter your username and password.

The Jupiter Ed online gradebook is a password-protected portal in which students and their parents can communicate and engage with teachers. Parents, students and teachers access the gradebook with unique usernames and passwords, keeping all personal details secure.

Through the Jupiter Ed online gradebook portal, parents and students can check current homework and grades. Parents can also opt in to receive automatic alerts if their child is absent from class, missing assignments, receiving low grades or turning work in late.

For teachers, the Jupiter Ed online gradebook system offers the ability to send messages, comments and progress reports directly to students and their parents. Additionally, the system automatically translates feedback into Spanish to help Spanish-speaking students and parents. The online gradebook can also be utilized with both single- and multiple-subject classes.