How Do You Access the Grand Canyon University Student Portal?

To access the Grand Canyon University student portal, navigate to, and click the Student Portal Homepage link. Sign in with your Grand Canyon University credentials.

The Grand Canyon University student portal provides students with access to classes. If you are taking several courses at Grand Canyon University, use the links in the student portal to toggle back and forth between classes. The university recommends doing this because limitations may prevent you from seeing all of your current courses on the Learning Management System class list. When you log into the portal, you can access each class you enrolled in as a student.

In addition to class access, the student portal provides access to personal financial records, academic records, personalized Grand Canyon University alerts and an online payment feature. You can also access your LoudCloud classes by signing into the student portal. Accessing your LoudCloud classrooms through the student portal allows you to directly access the correct site to log into the system. You can still access your LoudCloud classes in the event of a service interruption, which the student portal periodically experiences, such as for scheduled maintenance.

Instructors can also access this portal. For help with technical matters, visit