What Are Some of the Academic Programs Offered by Berry College in Georgia?

What Are Some of the Academic Programs Offered by Berry College in Georgia?

Berry College offers a wide variety of academic programs, including Business, Nursing and Education. The College offers 47 majors, as well as numerous minors and two graduate programs.

Berry College is a private coeducational institution founded in Mount Berry, Georgia, in 1902. Its courses of study are offered through the college's five schools. Berry grants bachelor's degrees in all of its majors, master's degrees in Business and Education, and an Educational Specialist credential.

The Campbell School of Business is the division of Berry College housing the school's Business and Finance programs. Students can earn undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing and International Business. This school also offers a master's degree in Business Administration.

The Charter School of Education and Human Sciences offers undergraduate programs in Education, Psychology and Exercise Science. This school also offers three different master's degrees in Education.

The Evans School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences is the largest of Berry's schools. It offers majors in Art, Music, Philosophy, Sociology and English, among others. Most of the major courses are offered as minors as well, with fields such as Latin American and Caribbean Studies offered only as minors.

The School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences is host to Berry's Math, Science and Computer Technology programs. Chemistry, Biology, Animal Science and Computer Science are among the available majors. The college also offers a minor in Web Development, as well as pre-professional programs for students wishing to pursue careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.

The Division of Nursing offers a Nursing major as well as a dual-degree nursing program with Emory University.