What Are Academic Bibliographies?

What Are Academic Bibliographies?

There are several types of academic bibliography formats, depending on the subject matter and where the document is being published. The two main formats of academic bibliographies are the Modern Language Association, or MLA, and the American Psychological Association, or APA. Another form of academic bibliography is the annotated bibliography, which is used when the subject is on a specific topic.

Bibliographies are usually placed at the end of a book or paper. In some cases, if the document has chapters, a list of resources or citations may be placed at the end of a chapter to accompany a larger source of information in the bibliography.

All bibliographies, no matter what style, include the list of sources as an account of the specific research that has been done on the topic and appropriate attribution. It should contain the title of the work, page numbers, names and dates the material was written.

The two most popular styles of bibliographies, the MLA and APA, each focus in different subject materials. The MLA form is used by those writing in the liberal arts or humanities. It focuses more on the author materials. The APA form is used more often in the social sciences.

Other bibliography styles include The American Medical Association, or AMA, for medically specific literature, Turabian, which is designed for college students and the Chicago Manual of Style, or CMS, which is used by current event publications such as magazines, newspapers and books.