Does Offer First-Grade Activities?

Does Offer First-Grade Activities? offers first grade learning activities and games in subjects such as letters, numbers, skills and strategy, as of 2015. Examples of games include "Alphabet Slider Puzzle," "Balloon Pop Subtraction," "Typing Rocket Junior" and "Tingly Bubble Shooter."

"Alphabet Slider Puzzle" is a computer game where students put together puzzles that make letters. The game requires speakers or headphones and works on interactive classroom whiteboards.

In "Balloon Pop Subtraction," students complete subtraction problems and pop balloons to find the answers. The game has three difficulty levels and a bonus round.

In "Typing Rocket Junior," students practice keyboarding skills by typing letters that shoot by on rockets. "Tingly Bubble Shooter" is a colorful arcade puzzle game where students pop bubbles for points.