What Are Some 6th Grade Science Topics?

Sixth grade science topics include components of the universe, the solar system, and solar and lunar eclipses. Life science topics include food chains, biotic interactions, biomes and ecosystems, as of 2015.

The main focuses of the universe topic use data to develop ideas about the universe's major components. The solar system topic has students constructing a model of the solar system featuring accurate and relative distances between the planets. The solar and lunar eclipses topic has students modeling the positions of the earth, moon and sun during eclipses. The cause of currents topic is a state performance indicator that describes how temperature differences create currents in the ocean.

The food chain topic compares and contrasts the different methods used by organisms to obtain nutrition. The study of biotic interactions has students creating graphic illustrations to describe how biotic and abiotic elements interact. In the study of biomes, students create presentations to illustrate the world's major biomes. The ecosystem topic is a state performance indicator that interprets how ecosystems transfer material and energy.

Additional sixth grade earth science topics include calendars and clocks, ocean tides, moon phases and seasons. Other life science topics include food web, interdependencies, and biotic and abiotic elements of major biomes.