What Are Some 4th Grade Spelling Words?


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AAA Spell provides many sets of spelling words for students in the fourth grade. The list of words includes: free, spin, band, pack, bath, dock, gold, pipe, club, shop, clip, hate, tape, race, mire, kite, bank, fell, pink, hilt, last, shelf, chide and fringe. Other fourth-grade level spelling words include: clock, cheek, full, frock, troop, glass, lurk, cloud, quest, flax, still, trim, door, clung, loft, pulp, grape, pose and zest.

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Some of the words for fourth graders have a silent final “e,” such as cable, fable, gable, sable, stable, cradle, ladle, maple, staple, beetle, feeble and needle. Other words with a silent final "e" include: Bible, title, rifle, noble, fickle, ample, apple, baffle, battle, cattle, rabble, sample and simple. Another good list of spelling words includes: temple, dimple, fiddle, kindle, little, bottle, cobble, fondle, bubble, bundle, crumble, muzzle, puddle, ruffle, tumble, purple, circle and saddle.

A selection of spelling words have “ai,” “ou,” “ow,” and “ea” sounds. Spelling words with the "ai" sound include words, such as: paid, grain, staid, rail, flail, quail and snail. Spelling words with an "ou" sound include: bound, found, ground, hound, mound, pound, round and sound. For spelling words with an "ow" sounds consider: cow, how, town, growl, clown, frown, crown and drown. For spelling words with the "ea" sounds, use this list: cheat, treat, beast, bleat, preach, speak, streak, feast, head, dead, stead, tread, dread, thread, sweat and death.

These are more challenging fourth-grade level spelling words: adage, ballast, rascal, lasso, antic, sadness, sandy, maggot, frenzy, empty and merit. They are examples of disyllable words with short-vowel sounds. Three-syllable spelling words that end with "y" include: balcony, cavity, faculty, gravity, malady and vanity. Some three-syllable words with short-vowel sounds include: amputate, absolute, altitude, ambulance, delicate, desolate and devastate.

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