What Is a 10-Day Demand Letter?

A 10-day demand letter is a formal written notice demanding that the recipient of the letter take a specific action within a period of 10 days, or face serious consequences. According to Nolo, this type of letter is sent after other attempts at resolving a dispute between parties have failed.

Nolo notes that demand letters are beneficial in that they can either cause the recipient to settle the matter or serve as written evidence before a court of law. Demand letters are often used in disputes concerning monetary payment. The contents of the letter contain the name and contact of the recipient, the specific details of the complaint, what is being demanded, the requirement to respond in ten days and the consequences of not responding.

Demand letters are written in a firm business tone that states the facts without going overboard into idle threats. Even though this type of letter is more often sent by companies, Nolo points out that anyone can send a demand letter when owed any amount of money. A demand letter gets the attention of the recipient, even if they choose not to respond. It puts the debtor on notice that the individual or company is not going to ignore their failure to pay and that prompt action is expected.