What Do Zoologists Do?

Zoologists study the behaviors, characteristics and physiology of animals. Zoologists spend their days researching and observing animals, both in captivity and natural environments. They commonly love animals and are normally physically active so they can travel and study various species of animals.

Zoologists can spend hours on end in the field, observing animals in their natural environment. Zoologists study how the animals interact with each other and the environment that they live in.

When they are not observing and studying animals, zoologists also write reports and articles on their research. Some zoologists specialize in conservation efforts, aiming to protect endangered species and their homelands. Zoologists can work in a variety of fields and agencies, including zoos, the government, museums and nonprofit organizations.

Most jobs available for zoologists require a bachelor’s degree at minimum. Most zoologists also study subjects such as biology, chemistry and mathematics. Other functions of zoologists include creating studies, research and writing, examining specimens with microscopes, fundraising and creating presentations for schools and research groups. Research can include everything from studying new diseases to learning how characteristics are passed down within a species. Zoologists play a big role in the identification and classification of different classes of animals.