What Are the Zoning C1 Through C5 Descriptions?


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Zoning C1 through C5 descriptions in one municipality may not be the same as zoning C1 through C5 in another municipality. Typically, municipalities use letters of the alphabet as zoning abbreviations to identify the use allowed, and C is commonly used to denote "commercial."

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When zoning symbols are set up, the letters are usually paired with a number. The number may specify the level of the use allowed, or it may be an indication of how much acreage or square footage is allowed for the specific piece of property, but each jurisdiction has its own way of establishing these codes.

Commercial zoning commonly has a few different categories, and is dependent upon the use of the property and how many patrons the business may see. Buildings commonly zoned as commercial include shopping centers, hotels, clubs and office buildings. Some warehouses and even apartment complexes may also be zoned commercial, as well as vacant land that may be subject to future commercial development.

How much parking is available may also affect the type of zoning that is permitted. There are also rules regarding what types of business can be near each other, such as a bar not being allowed within an established distance of a church or school.

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