How Does ZipForm Help Real Estate Agents?

ZipForm is a software tool developed by zipLogix that helps real estate agents manage their paperwork. It can increase their productivity by making everyday transaction-related tasks more efficient and secure.

ZipForm provides agents access to transaction tools and forms that they need to complete real estate contracts, gather required signatures and send documents to clients, all without using printed forms. It reduces the need to maintain an inventory of printed forms and can save time locating the forms needed to complete a transaction. It stores all of the documents in one place within the tool, making it easy to reference related documents when needed.

Agents can use zipForm to email individual pages or entire transaction forms as PDFs. Additional features include a strikeout tool, free templates, spell check, a mortgage calculator and a notes tool, as well as the ability to include an electronic signature and store contact information.

In addition to zipForm, zipLogix offers additional tools and services, with more forms, storage and training opportunities. Users can switch between English and Spanish within the tool. The tool runs on a PC or Mac. Online support, including training guides, knowledge libraries and how-to videos are available on the product website.