What Are the ZIP Codes for Indianapolis?


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As of 2015, Indianapolis has 62 ZIP codes, all of which include and fall between 46201 and 46298. Within this range, the 35 ZIP codes that are not part of Indianapolis include 46210, 46212, 46243, 46245 and 46248.

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Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, has four telephone area codes in addition to the 62 ZIP codes. The area codes within the city include 312, 317, 765 and 812. All 62 ZIP codes in the city begin with the 462 prefix. Some more of these ZIP codes include 46202, 46211, 46234, 46278 and 46296.

The United States Postal Service uses ZIP codes to route mail efficiently. A ZIP code is a type of a postal code with a 5-digit format. The postal service introduced the format in 1963 and named it the postal code. Each city in the United States has a unique ZIP code that helps the postal service to sort and deliver mail in bundles.

The first digit of the ZIP code represents a particular group of states. Indiana belongs to a group of states whose ZIP codes begin with a 4. The first three digits of the ZIP code represent the ID number of a central mail processing facility. The postal service delivers all Indianapolis correspondence to the central mailing facility number 462. The last two digits designate local post offices.

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