What Are All of the ZIP Codes in Florida?


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There are more than 500 ZIP codes in Florida, and all of them begin with the numbers 32, 33 or 34. The 32 ZIP codes cover northern areas such as Jacksonville and Tallahassee. The 33 ZIP codes cover cities such as Miami and Tampa, and the 34 ZIP codes cover smaller coastal cities.

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ZIP codes 32003 to 32110 represent Northern Florida areas, including the suburbs of Jacksonville. ZIP codes 32114 through 32116 cover Daytona Beach, and the following numbers apply to the rest of Volusia County, Putnam County and Marion County.

Jacksonville has about 50 ZIP codes, from 32201 to around 32290, with some smaller areas represented among those numbers. Tallahasee begins with 32301 and continues through 32318. The next 32 ZIP codes cover central Florida: towns such as Quincy, Monticello and Panama Beach, and into Jackson County. ZIP codes 32501 through 32506 cover Pensacola, and 32601 through 32614 represent Gainesville. The following numbers represent P.O. box ZIP codes for counties covered by other number brackets, until Orlando begins with 32801. That city and its surrounding areas represent ZIP codes through 32899.

The 33-prefix ZIP codes begin in Broward County. Miami ZIP codes start at 33101 and go through 33299. Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton encompass 33301 to 33434. ZIP codes 33601 through 33769 cover Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. The remaining 33 ZIP codes cover smaller areas, including the majority of the Florida Keys. The 34 ZIP codes, through 34977, cover cities such as Sarasota and Naples and focus more on the southwest portion of the state.

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