How Do You Find Zillow House Values?

How Do You Find Zillow House Values?

Finding the value of a house on Zillow requires searching for the home on the Zillow website and locating the value on the result page for the specific address. The value that Zillow provides is known as a "Zestimate" and is only an estimate rather than the actual value for the home, notes Investopedia. Those who want a more official value should seek an appraiser or real estate agent, suggests Zillow.

To estimate a specific home's value, do the following:

  1. Visit the Zillow "Homes" page
  2. Go to the Zillow website and click the "Find My Home" button to go to a page explaining the Zestimate and featuring a search option for the home's address.

  3. Enter the home's address
  4. Type the home's address in the large search box on the page and then click the magnifying glass. A page with the Zestimate will appear for the home, along with an option to update facts about the home and data about the values of nearby houses.

The Zestimate value comes from data people and organizations have submitted about the property; therefore, the value may not always be up-to-date, notes Zillow. A computer generates the values using an algorithm the company has created, which isn't public information.

A similar real estate website offering property value estimates is Trulia, and its accuracy also varies, notes Investopedia.