What Are Some ZeroWater Filtration Products?


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Some of the filtration products available from ZeroWater include multi-cup pitchers, dispensers and water bottles, as of 2015. The company also makes portable filtration devices for use in other cups, water testing equipment and a range of different disposable filters.

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A full list of products is available on the ZeroWater website, ZeroWater.com, by clicking on the Products option in the main navigation bar. The Products page contains several categories for the different inventory options, including its containers and its filters. The majority of its products appear under the Pitcher/Dispenser category, as these are the actual containers from which the filtered water dispenses. Each product entry in this section includes the number of cups of water a full tank produces along with a picture of the unit and its sale price. Listings do not include additional information about the item, but do feature a button to purchase the unit directly through the site.

The site also sells water bottles that contain built-in filters, allowing users to filter water at home or in outside environments using the same process as the pitchers. Similarly, users are able to purchase a portable filtration unit to place inside standard water pitchers or tanks, which aids in the purification process but does not function to the same degree as the company's pitchers. All ZeroWater products only function with its proprietary line of filters, which are also available for purchase on the site.

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