What Is the Ymax Communications Corp.?

Ymax Corp. is a media and communications company that is best known for the magicJack. Dan Borislow founded the company in 2007, and the magicJack was its first product. The company also makes a device called magicJack Plus that plugs directly into a router.

As of April 2015, the company's only other product is the SJ Labs VOIP platform. The company began developing the platform when it merged with VocalTec Communications Ltd. in 2010.

magicJack allows users to plug a phone handset into a computer's USB port by way of a converter with a standard RJ-11 phone jack. magicJack requires an Internet connection to work. Users can place unlimited calls to most of the United States and Canada through their Internet connections. Software that connects to the magicJack servers is present in the device, and users are able to receive and store voice mail in addition to making calls. Users must pay an annual fee to Ymax for magicJack service, but it is substantially less than any comparable landline or cellular phone service.

There are some limitations on free calls. Most of Alaska and the 867 area code in Canada are inaccessible, and users cannot make calls to conference lines.