What Is the Www.citicards.com Bill-Pay Site Used For?

The primary use of the Citi Cards online, bill-payment option is for people to set their balance-repayment terms on one of its credit cards. These services comes in several forms that allow people to customize their payment options to suit their financial needs.

The main purpose of the bill-payment online option is to allow people to create schedules to pay their balances. These options allow a person to make a one-time payment for a specific amount, such as the minimum amount or their entire balance. However, the online options also allow people to create flexible payment schedules, which allows payment of a certain amount at different times. A person can choose to set up a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment that also pays a specific percentage of the overall balance. The flexible options also give people an opportunity to pay off a particular purchase before it can generate any type of interest that would be due on the next billing cycle. Many people use these options to make sure their credit limits are never exceeded, which allows them to have an available balance should the need arise. More than this, online pay sites provide an added layer of convenience for customers who may not want to wait on a mailed payment to clear.