How Do You Write a Welcome Letter?


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Use a professional letter format that organizes information into three distinct paragraphs of information including: what the reader is being welcomed to, what the welcome entitles the reader to and a reiteration of the welcome. The letter should include a mention of any actions required on the part of the reader following their reception of the welcome letter.

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How Do You Write a Welcome Letter?
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If a welcome letter is for a specific employment position, or academic program, then About.com recommends that the introduction paragraph should state the official name of the position to which the reader is being welcomed. Use one to two paragraphs to describe the conditions or entitlements of the welcome, such as salary and benefits or how many years an academic program applicant is expected to study. Finally, include a final paragraph that reiterates the readers welcome and directs him or her to any important actions that are required. Commonly required actions might be the completion of tax or payroll forms, the signing of a confidentiality or non-competition contract or the completion of a student's current degree or schooling. When writing a welcome letter you are representing the organization on the letter head, so always defer to formal and professional language in place of informal language, and edit the letter carefully before mailing it to its recipient.

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