How Do You Write a Vision Statement?


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To create a vision statement, make a list of long-term business goals. Choose one or two goals that represent where you want the business to be in five to 10 years. Write two or three sentences that incorporate these goals to create an inspiring message employees can understand.

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Effective vision statements can help motivate employees by keeping everyone focused on the same business goals. A vision statement is more than a list of long-term goals, a rehash of your mission statement or a collection of hopes and dreams. It is instead used to influence employee decision-making, encourage problem solving and solidify your employees' commitment to meeting these goals.

Maintain a positive, motivational tone when crafting a vision statement. The length of the statement isn't as important as its tone and message. You may have to revise the statement several times before finding the right mix of words and phrases. If you don't know how to start, review your mission statement and business plan to determine long-term business goals.

Keep in mind that, unlike a mission statement or business plan, a vision statement is meant to motivate your employees. It is not meant to inform customers and investors about how your business works or how fast the business is growing. As your business grows, revise the vision statement to reflect new goals.

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