How Do You Write a Vacation Letter?

To write a vacation request letter, start by titling the letter "Leave of Absence Request" to alert your supervisor or employer that a swift approval is required. At the top of the letter, either on the far left or far right, include your name, department and the date. Next, write a salutation that includes the name of your supervisor or human resources director. Begin the letter with the reason for your leave and the dates you are to be gone.

If needed, include the names of people responsible for covering your work load. If there are any significant upcoming projects or deadlines, disclose any work to be finished before you leave or who to contact in your department if a decision needs to be made. Give details concerning any paid leave, vacation days or sick leave you intend to use.

Restate the dates of your vacation, as well as any time you previously discussed your leave with a supervisor. Be specific about your date of return. In the last paragraph, express thanks for the vacation time, and give any additional contact information for emergencies. Write a formal conclusion, such as "Sincerely," and sign the letter, including your printed name and any employee identification needed.