How Do You Write a Vacation Leave Letter?

A vacation leave letter should include the employee's name, position within the company, vacation dates, reason for the time off request and an explanation of how the work will get done when the employee is gone. The letter should be sent to the employee's direct supervisor and a copy sent to the Human Resources department.

Some companies use a vacation request form for time off requests. If not, then a formal letter should be written.

  1. Indicate who the letter is from and to whom it is being sent.
  2. Write the employee's name and job title, followed by his or her mailing address. The name and address of the person to whom the letter is being sent goes under that information. If this is in the format of an inter-office memo, the address lines can be omitted.

  3. Make the request.
  4. In the body of the letter, state the specific vacation dates being requested. Follow with an explanation of the vacation request, such as a family trip to Disney World or a family member's wedding.

  5. Review current job duties.
  6. Within the body of the letter, review how assigned work will be completed, such as by a fellow employee, and go over the status of any current projects. Do not forget to sign the letter.