How Do You Write up the Minutes of Board Meetings?

Chris Ryan/Caiaimage/Getty Images

To write the minutes of board meetings, use one notebook or a digital template with sections for date, time, people and issues from the meeting. Record the topics of the meeting, the actions taken for each topic or the decisions made. Record who attended or missed the meeting.

Consider using a recording device to keep track of all details for later reference. First document the date, time and place where the meeting occurred at the top of the meeting notes. Make a list of each person who attends in order of seniority, as well as the names of those who did not attend with a note for who has an excused absence. If needed, document whether a quorum is present for any business decisions made.

Keep chronological notes of the meeting, starting with the name of the person who called the meeting to order and when. List each topic as it comes up and the name of the person presenting the issue. Detail what is discussed per topic and any attendees who agree or disagree with the information. Notate any decisions made for each issue. Create a formal recap of the meeting, and print it on company letterhead before sending it out to each person in attendance.