How Do You Write a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

A two weeks' notice, or job resignation letter, is a brief, professional statement that specifies an employee's last day of work, and includes a short explanation about why he is resigning. If possible, the employee should discuss this decision with management prior to submitting the official letter of resignation. Delivered in person or via email, this letter should not include negative statements about co-workers, management or the company.

Employees need to address letters of resignation to managers or human resource department representatives. When resigning for positive reasons such as job advancement, continuing education, relocation or other career changes, this information may be included in the letter. Employees should thank management for career opportunities, new skills and other positive experiences, and offer to help train a replacement. Sending a letter of resignation at least two weeks before the employee's last day gives employers time to promote another employee to the position or interview potential candidates.

Employees should avoid negativity in the notice, as negative statements can damage future business relationships between employees and management. Also, employers can share these letters with other employers, which can make finding new job more difficult. Letters of resignation typically remain in an employee's work file as long as the file is retained.