How Do You Write a Two-Week Notice?

When writing a two-week notice of resignation, keep it simple, focused and positive. Include information about the date of your last full work day and express to your employer that you appreciate the opportunities the company has given you.

Begin the letter with your name and contact information, followed by the date. Next, address the letter to your supervisor or human resources director, including his position and the company's name and address. Write a salutation to the person on the address and begin the body of the letter. The body contains your resignation and position title, the date you intend to leave, a statement of appreciation for the employment opportunity and a closing signature. If applicable, include a statement offering to help train the person taking your place but give a definite timetable of availability.

It is recommended that an employee resign in person first and later give an official written notice. Notices are short, professional and written as a formal or semi-formal document. There is no need to give a reason for the resignation, especially if the reason is a negative one. A few exceptions include a cross-country move or a decision to parent full time. Do not include any criticism of the company or employees of the company.