How Do You Write a Transition Plan?

The process of writing a good transition plan begins with considering all aspects of the business. The plan should include departments, staff members and resources that are involved in daily operations. Customer needs are also a major factor in shaping the plan.

A transition plan is important for maintaining the smooth flow of operations during the transition phase of a business. The plan should consider what happens during the first day of the transition.

The plan lists the names and titles of people on the transition team and details what their duties will be. Team members are key people that assist with any changes happening within their departments.

There may be some staff changes as a result. People need to detail what type of staff changes will occur and how these changes affect current operations.

Knowledge transfer is about the exchange of information between all parties. How will files, documents and resources be distributed so that everyone is on the same page throughout the transition?

Explain how the transition affects customers. Decide if customers need to be notified about changes and how they are notified. Client involvement discusses how to keep customers from being negatively impacted. For instance, predict potential customer service disruptions and detail how to handle it.