How Do You Write a Thank-You Letter for a Scholarship?

How Do You Write a Thank-You Letter for a Scholarship?

To write a thank-you letter for a scholarship, you should provide a reason for writing the letter. You also should include one or two personal details that explain the impact or importance the scholarship has had on your educational and career goals. You should also demonstrate your commitment to honoring the donor's intentions for creating the scholarship.

  1. Provide a reason for writing a thank-you letter

    Open the thank-you letter by stating that you're the recipient of the scholarship. Mention the scholarship by name, and include the monetary amount, along with a brief summary of how you discovered the scholarship or how you became the recipient of the scholarship.

  2. Provide personal details to explain the importance of the scholarship

    Include a personal story or a few details about your personality, recent hardships, educational interests or hobbies to explain what winning the scholarship means to you and to your future academic and career goals. Express your gratitude and thanks to the donor for establishing the scholarship.

  3. Close the letter with a firm commitment

    Close the letter by making a firm commitment to represent the spirit of the scholarship by maintaining good grades, performing community service or by pursing specific academic or career goals that the donor had hoped recipients would achieve when establishing the scholarship.