How Do You Write a Thank You Note for Attending a Business Meeting?

When writing a note to thank somebody for attending a business meeting, the person should open with appreciation and then recap some main points brought up at the meeting, address any follow up plans and have a closing. The thank you note should be sent no later than 2 days after the meeting has taken place.

Do the following to write an effective thank you note:

  1. Show appreciation for person's time
  2. To grab the reader's attention, the writer should open the note to tell how much he appreciated the person for taking the time for the meeting, providing advice and offering any referrals.

  3. Recap main ideas from meeting
  4. The writer should then choose some main ideas from the meeting and make comments on them. These comments show the reader that the writer paid close attention during the meeting, and the writer can also ask additional questions if needed.

  5. Address any follow up plans
  6. If a future meeting is desired, this can be brought up in the thank you note. If the writer plans to meet up with someone the person at the meeting recommended, this should also be mentioned.

  7. Include a closing
  8. The closing should again state how appreciative the reader is for the meeting. It could also include a note that the writer will keep the person informed with future plans.