How Do You Write a Telesales Script?

How Do You Write a Telesales Script?

A good sales script includes an introduction and a summary of how your call can benefit the recipient. You have an estimated 10 seconds to establish a rapport with the person you're calling. Try to sound friendly and conversational. Speak the same dialect as your recipient.

  1. Create an outline of your script

    Jot down major points without minor details. This allows you to react spontaneously during the call. Reminder points should include addressing your listener by name, introducing yourself and your product or service, an estimate of how long the call will take and what you are asking the recipient to do.

  2. Rehearse your delivery and the message

    Practice your script with a cooperative friend or alone before a mirror. You may sound more appealing if you smile while you're talking. Tailor your message to the individual, using terms and language that he would use. If you know about a problem experienced by your listener, mention it as well as the solution.

  3. Take the time to create rapport

    If your listener starts to share his thoughts with you, listen and empathize. This helps you establish a rapport. Finish the call with a request for action, which might consist of setting an appointment for a sales call or placing an order.