How Do You Write a Summary Statement for a Resume?

How Do You Write a Summary Statement for a Resume?

One method of writing a summary statement for a resume involves doing a research on the ideal job position, self-assessment, writing a draft for the statement, adding a headline and proofreading, editing and refining the statement. Having a summary statement on a resume gives it a better chance of getting noticed by hiring managers, notes Monster.

The primary objective of a summary statement should be to compose it in such a way that will highlight the applicant's most sought-skills, abilities, accomplishments and attributes, notes Monster. The following shows one method of writing a writing a summary statement.

  1. Research
  2. The applicant should conduct a research on the ideal position. Check out the ads for job openings for similar positions and write down the qualifications and requirements that the employers want.

  3. Skills assessment
  4. After doing a research on the job openings, the applicant should then compare his skill set to the requirements and qualifications for the job. He should then list down at least five of his most marketable credentials.

  5. Writing the draft
  6. Compose the summary in a manner that will highlight the top credentials. If possible, add accomplishments and achievements from a previous job that will be relevant to the job position.

  7. Writing the headline
  8. The headline should include the job position and the main benefit from hiring the applicant.

  9. Proofreading, editing and refining
  10. Check the statement for grammatical and spelling errors. Refine it to have a persuasive tone and without bland, generalized statements such as "communication skills."