How Do You Write a Strategic Plan?

How Do You Write a Strategic Plan?

How Do You Write a Strategic Plan?

To write a strategic plan, write an organizational overview, and a mission and vision statement. Analyze the company's internal and external situation, and develop business growth goals. Explain performance metrics, and summarize the plan.

  1. Write a brief description of your business

    Write one or two paragraphs that describe what your business does. Explain the products or services you provide, identify the main audience groups, and explain your strategic advantage.

  2. Write about the company's mission and vision

    Define your company's mission and vision in one or two paragraphs. Include a statement that explains what your company values; these are the values that help guide employees' actions and decisions.

  3. Analyze the company

    Analyze your company's position in the market using a SWOT analysis. Examine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, both internally and externally. Spend considerable time considering opportunities that can help you determine goals. Include a list of issues that are currently standing in the way of your opportunities.

  4. Determine business goals

    Based on your identified opportunities, develop business goals. Set goals that are helpful in growing and improving your company. Break down the goals into specific steps to make them more achievable for everyone on the team.

  5. Define performance metrics

    List the metrics you are going to use to track performance toward each of your goals. Explain the frequency of measuring performance, and set a general deadline for completion.

  6. Write the executive summary

    Review all of your written sections, and write one or two summary paragraphs. The executive summary should cover the most-important opportunities, goals and challenges to give readers an idea of what to expect.