How Do You Write a Staffing Plan?


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A comprehensive staffing plan is essential for the successful running of a business, as finding the right staff levels in an organization is accompanied by the risks of over staffing and under staffing. In cases where an organization is under staffed, the employees feel stressed and overworked and productivity suffers, and the best producers may leave. When an organization is over staffed, many workers are idle and there is wastage.

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How Do You Write a Staffing Plan?
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According to the Houston Chronicle, the first step in creating a staffing plan is to gather accurate statistics about the current workforce and identify bottlenecks to their productivity. It is also important to reward the best workers and develop effective training plans. The staffer should then use the information gathered to determine the amount of work that can be done by the average worker in the organization. For example, the staffer in a call center may take the total number of calls processed in an hour and divide this figure by the number of operators active at the time to determine the average figure. Staffers should also consider the busiest business hours and the low volume hours, such as the seasonal variations that affect every business throughout the year. The next step is to identify the workforce needed during the busiest periods and finally to ensure that the plan caters for the busiest periods without leaving too many workers during the less busy periods.

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