How Do You Write a Staff Meeting Agenda?

write-staff-meeting-agenda Credit: Ben Bloom/Stone/Getty Images

The main point of writing a staff meeting agenda is to include everything that will be gone over during the staff meeting, in professional writing. It is important to also leave room for writing notes.

Every staff meeting agenda needs to include what is going to be discussed during the meeting. It is helpful to also have the "minutes" of the last meeting, as well. Make enough copies for every person to have a modified version of the agenda. In general, a staff meeting agenda should contain these items:

  • Date and the time of the meeting
  • The meeting´s organizer(s) or planning committee
  • The place where the meeting is held, or if available online or over the phone, then the URL or phone number to join
  • Topics that were discussed at the most recent meeting
  • The topics to be discussed at the new meeting
  • Tasks that will be designated to specific people, so that everyone understands their specific roles and how they affect the overall process
  • A specific place to write down notes in case someone has something that needs to be brought up in private or at a later date