How Do You Write a Staff Appraisal?


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According to Success Factors, the task of writing a staff appraisal is not just an opportunity to document specific criteria for salary increases, promotions and disciplinary action, but it is also an opportunity to engage in ongoing communication with the staff. Achievable goals need to be set, expectations should also be clarified and a plan of action for the next period should be implemented.

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How Do You Write a Staff Appraisal?
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To construct a performance appraisal effectively, the manager should set individual goals in collaboration with the employee by communicating company and departmental objectives clearly, and working together to create successful achievable goals. The appraisal process should also be an ongoing process, with managers checking in regularly with employees for feedback and coaching. Managers should use multiple resources for the appraisal, such as a 360-degree review process, and the process should be easy and efficient.

The benefits of writing an effective employee appraisal include motivating company employees by giving them clear guidelines of what is expected of them through setting goals, establishing time lines, tracking progress and identifying individual obstacles to the goals of every employee. Staff appraisals also recognize and compensate employees who have surpassed expectations and are top performers and reduce employee turnover and attrition. They also protect an employer legally, especially when it comes to terminating an employee for unsatisfactory performance.

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