How Do You Write a Simple Resume?

How Do You Write a Simple Resume?

To create a simple resume, compile information about your work experience, education and skill set that is applicable to the desired job. Create your resume on a word processor, and save it in an electronic format that is easy to share.

  1. Collect your education and work experience

    Compile specific information about your professional and educational history before starting your resume, keeping your employment goals in mind. This list should include tasks, classes and accomplishments that help you stand out.

  2. Write your contact information at the top of the page

    Write your first and last name and any professional titles you hold. Below that, write your city of residence and contact information, including a phone number and e-mail address. Many people include their street address, but it is not required.

  3. Write your employment objective or a summary of your work

    This section is optional. Include it if you want to highlight a particular skill set.

  4. Describe your work history

    Typically, a resume lists past work experience in reverse chronological order. List each job title and employer, starting with most recent, and then describe the duties of the position underneath, focusing on your accomplishments.

  5. Describe your education

    List your highest education first. Include the name of the institution and any degree or certificates you earned.

  6. Include additional information

    While it is not required, many job seekers include military experience and additional skills on their resume to help them stand out from other candidates for the position.

  7. Proofread and save

    Proofread your resume. Have a friend or coworker review it if possible.