How Do You Write a Simple Confidentiality Agreement?

How Do You Write a Simple Confidentiality Agreement?

To write a simple confidentiality agreement, structure the content according to a regular business contract. Sort the content under headings of agreed terms, the coverage of the agreement and the penalties in case of a breach.

  1. List the terms and conditions

    Write the agreement paragraph of the document stating that both parties promise to keep the respective matters to themselves and not reveal them to anyone. Next, list the items that fall under the agreement. Be very certain and precise about the particulars you write, and avoid using any vague terms.

  2. Specify the time frame and scope

    Add a time frame for the confidentiality agreement to last between the parties. The period specified should be exact to a suitable measure of time. For more complex matters, specify the scope of the agreement, indicating the boundaries that are to be encompassed for each particular.

  3. Declare action for breach of agreement

    Add penalties and consequences that the stakeholders face in case of a breach in the confidentiality agreement. Include specific penalties, and describe the criminal prosecution that the party who breaches the contract is set to face. The breach clause must not contain information initialized under the confidentiality agreement to limit third-person access.