How Do You Write a Self-Evaluation?

How Do You Write a Self-Evaluation?


When writing a self-assessment, it is important to be both proud and objective of your accomplishments. It may also be helpful to review company policies and goals, so that you may reference them in your self-assessment.

  1. Show pride in your work

    The main aspect of a self-assessment is to highlight your accomplishments. Be specific regarding the tasks and projects you feel were the best, and make sure to emphasize how these projects impacted the business as a whole.

  2. Write in a concise and professional manner

    Rather than providing a detailed step-by-step process regarding a successful project, let your best work stands on its own. Be sure to explain the position you held in the project and any other information that specifically relates to your contributions. Always remain professional when writing your self-assessment. Focus on the positive aspects of your job, and avoid any accusations.

  3. Be honest with both yourself and your employer

    One of the most important aspects of a self-assessment report is honesty. Shine light on both your achievements as well as acknowledging areas for improvement. Use developmental language when critiquing themselves. Look forward as well, taking the opportunity to discuss your possible future with the company and what you hope to accomplish in the future.