How Do You Write a Second Interview Thank You Letter?


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A second-interview thank-you letter is written with a personal angle toward the interviewer. It should reference conversations or activities during the interview that reinforce the applicant's fit for the position. One reason for this specificity is to set it apart from the first-interview thank-you letter, particularly if the same interviewers are involved.

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The letter should open by thanking the interviewer for her time and expressing appreciation for her consideration of the candidate. The second paragraph should detail relevant qualifications or activities the second interview covered. For instance: "I appreciated our conversation on various leadership philosophies. As we discussed, my leadership style may be just what the company needs to increase sales." The second-interview letter should not be a repeat of the first-interview thank-you letter, but it does need to explain again why the interviewee is the best person for the job. It should approach this issue from a different angle or in different words.

If anything needs clarifying or elaboration, it can be done in the next paragraph. The closing paragraph should express another "thank you" and note that the applicant looks forward to hearing from the interviewer. A second-interview thank-you letter should be sent even if no letter was sent after a first interview.

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