How Do You Write a Sample Follow up Email?


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A strong sample follow-up email must contain an effective subject line, demonstrate clear purpose in the body, show politeness while demonstrating a purpose, and be free of errors. Include specific information relating to the original contact such as time, place and individuals involved.

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The goal and content of a follow up email depends on the situation you're following up. Begin the follow email with a purposeful subject line. When following up an interview, express gratitude in the subject line. For a general follow-up email, phrase the subject line in the form of a question. Follow-up emails to recruiters should emphasize your value, while reaching out after an interview should build a commonality between yourself and the organization. Mention important talking points that were discussed, especially if they relate to your strength as a job candidate. When sending a follow-up email when no response has been received, be positive in your email and reiterate your strong interest.

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