How Do You Write a Salary Proposal?

Salary proposals are based primarily on research of the salaries and wages of comparable occupations. A written salary proposal should include such research, as well as statements regarding your work history, qualifications and current salary.

  1. Research and review your occupation

    To compile information to use for a salary proposal, research the statistics of your labor market. Metropolitan statistical areas offers data on the labor market, comparable wages for specific job categories and the number of people in the workforce for that region. Next, review this data to help compare your qualifications and expertise against others within the same region. The fewer there are, the better position you are in to negotiate a higher salary.

  2. Draft a proposal

    After you have gathered sufficient information, begin your proposal by first stating your current salary. Next, provide data that compares your salary to the market rate. Finally, propose a salary range based on your research.

  3. Practice and finalize the proposal

    Even if you are submitting a written proposal, you should be able to refer to specific details when discussing it. Stick to the facts, and make sure they flow logically through the proposal. Once the final document is typed, print enough copies to distribute to all participants in the negotiations.