How Do You Write a Salary Increment Letter?

When writing a salary increment letter, the amount of increase and reasons why the employee deserves an increase are clearly stated. It is important to use a professional and cordial tone to avoid coming across as forceful or arrogant. It also helps to be realistic, straightforward and clear with the purpose of writing the letter.

The first paragraph of a salary increment letter typically states the employee’s job title, length of employment and request for an increase. The specific amount or percentage of increase desired by the employee and particular demands on the time frame that this increase must take place are also mentioned. Additionally, it helps to mention that the employee has enjoyed working with the company.

The second paragraph explains the main reasons why the person deserves an increase. For example, if he has been a major contributor to a project, has received various achievements or believes that the nature of his work requires better pay, these reasons are detailed in the letter. The goal of writing this paragraph is to persuade the company that the employee writing the letter is a valuable part of the company. When justifying the request, it is important to avoid a condescending tone.

The third paragraph states how investing in the employee saves the company money. If the employee is willing to negotiate on the salary increase, this is mentioned in the last paragraph.