How Do I Write a Salary Increase Request Letter?

To write a salary increase request letter, begin the letter by thanking your current employers for the opportunity to work with them, then highlight your previous achievements, and express your request for a salary increase. To enhance your chance of getting a favorable response, maintain a polite and humble tone.

  1. Salute and thank your current employers

    To salute the recipient of the letter, use “Dear Sir/Madam.” Introduce yourself to your employers, especially if you are working for a big company with many departments. Include how long you have been working for the company, and thank your employers for giving you the opportunity to work with them.

  2. Mention your previous achievements

    Briefly discuss your achievements, and explain why these milestones make you eligible for a salary increase. Express your gratitude for the exposure and experience you gained while striving to exceed the company's expectations.

  3. Reveal your new salary request

    Let your employers know the exact amount or percentage of salary increase you are requesting. Maintain a polite and professional tone in this section, and avoid making unrealistic demands. Conclude the letter with an optimistic tone, and include your signature and full name at the end. Prepare to meet with your employer to discuss your salary request.