How Do You Write About Your Salary Expectations in a Cover Letter?


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The best way to write salary expectations in a cover letter is to list previous salaries and position titles. This gives an employer an idea of the salary you expect, but leaves the number open to negotiation. Since some employers do not like to see salary requirements in application materials, the salary expectations should only be listed if a job posting specifically requests that information.

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Cover letters that list salary expectations need to explain why the applicant is deserving of a specific salary. The candidate should list his years of experience, previous positions held, education completed and any other information that demonstrates his value as an employee.

The salary requirement should not be the first or last thing an employer reads. Instead, this information should be listed in the body of the cover letter. It is better to list a range of appropriate compensation instead of a fixed dollar amount. Although it is important to list an amount that is feasible, the amount should not be higher than the industry standard unless the candidate's skills and experience overqualify him for the position.

Some companies offer additional benefits, such as medical insurance and retirement plans, that make a job more valuable than the salary. It is important to find out which benefits the position offers before deciding on a salary requirement.

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