What to Write on a Retirement Plaque?


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Some essential information to write on a retirement plaque includes the company’s name, the retiree’s name and business division, the presentation date and the team’s personalized message. When writing a retirement message, managers and colleagues typically express their genuine appreciation for the retiree’s contributions.

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A sincere retirement message conveys the team’s emotions and lets the retiring employee know how important he is to everybody. It can also specify the number of years the employee worked in the company, and how he helped the company achieve certain goals. Colleagues may write about specific events, such as a successful product launch, wherein the retiring coworker made a significant contribution.

Employers and colleagues should be generous in giving praise, especially when showing appreciation for the leadership, integrity, dedication or motivation the retiring employee showed during his working years. For example, they can thank him for helping the team overcome challenging projects and being a source of inspiration in the office. They can also write that he earned his retirement and let him know that everyone is going to miss him.

A retirement message is generally concise, heartfelt and memorable. People should not add humor to the message to avoid misconceptions. After composing the draft message, colleagues should review the content to ensure there are no mistakes before having it inscribed.

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