How Do You Write a Resume Title?


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A resume title should be short and to-the-point while also informing a potential employer of what the job applicant's skills and experience are. Adding a resume title to a resume can improve a job seeker's application along with a well-crafted resume and cover letter.

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  1. Keep It Short
  2. Resumes are supposed to be concise with the cover letter leaving more room to expand on background experience. A good resume title should be short, especially when describing the applicant's job title and background. Stick to the most recent job title and experience to stay within this limit.

  3. Stay Current
  4. If by chance the job applicant's position or field of expertise changes, or if the applicant picks up a new skill or career path, make sure to update not just the resume with that information but the resume title as well. Avoid discrepancies between the resume and the resume title for better job-searching success.

  5. Put the Resume Title in the Right Spot
  6. Of course, with a perfect resume title, it needs to be in the right spot for a potential employer to see it. Keep the title at the beginning of the resume, career resource the Ladders suggests. This saves the employer time because it's possible to get a good idea of an applicant's background just from reading the resume title.

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