How Do You Write a Resume for a Registered Nurse?

Begin your registered nurse resume with your current contact information followed by your employment objective. The contact information should include your name, email address and phone number. The objective should be very specific and should name the position you are applying for.

Other sections to include on a registered nurse resume include your qualifications summary and your relevant experience. The summary should offer brief points related to the desired job while the relevant experience should document your nursing or clinical experience, including your college experience.

Include other employment information for positions that are not directly related to the desired job, as the employer may still find this information useful. Add a section for key skills. This section should briefly outline your specific nursing skill set and also utilize some of the keywords from the job posting. Highlight special abilities, such as being skilled at dealing with unruly patients or locating veins.

The resume should include a section highlighting your education and training, including any relevant licenses or certifications you have received or coursework you have completed. If your GPA is 3.5 or above, include it on the resume.

The final resume sections include any professional affiliations you have and any volunteer work you have completed.