How Do You Write a Resume for a Job?

How Do You Write a Resume for a Job?

To write a resume for a job, discuss details about your achievements, as well as your personal, academic and professional experiences, in a single document. Shape the resume to prove eligibility for the particular job.

  1. Decide on the tone

    Analyze the type of job that you're applying to, and list any important points that the employer may be asking for. There are three different styles of writing a resume: chronological, functional and combinational. Gauge which style suits the requirements of the job and flows well with your skills and experience.

  2. Start with the regular format

    Start by writing the heading with your name, address, email, phone number and address. Format your heading to make it look formal. Proceed by giving highlights of your qualifications and achievements.

  3. Add details of experience

    After qualifications, mention the details about your experience in reference to the job. Write about where you have worked previously, at what post and for how long. Be sure to add any community service positions that you've held. List the places where you attended school.

  4. Finalize the resume

    Format the resume by allocating individual spaces to each section. For instance, your educational background should not be followed by your work experience without proper differentiation. Review and add detail where needed.