How Do You Write a Resume for a Childcare Worker?


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In writing a childcare worker's resume, emphasize that they are a very loving and nurturing person. This helps draw the hiring manager's attention because the field of childcare is demanding and selective.

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For entry-level childcare workers, it is acceptable if the resume focuses more on their skills and expertise relevant to the desired job rather than the practical skills that come from years of experience.

The resume should begin with stated career objectives that focus on both necessary skills and passion for the work. The first line should emphasize the worker's desire to compassionately provide care and to monitor the health and well-being of children. Other career objective lines should express a desire to direct and supervise children and to assist parents with various housekeeping tasks.

Beneath career objectives should be a brief list of key qualifications. These may include a brief summary of childcare field experience, infant and child CPR proficiency, experience with crisis prevention and intervention and the possession of a driver's license.

Beneath the qualifications should be a childcare expertise section that provides a number of bullet points expressing skills gained from education and employment. These skills might include experience dispensing medicine, preparing healthy meals, and working with special needs children.

Next is the professional experience section. This should describe previous job titles, locations, and dates worked. Beneath each job, list the experience from the old job relevant to the desired job. After listing all professional experience, provide a summary of applicant education.

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