How Do You Write a Resume for a Cashiers Wanted Advertisement?

How Do You Write a Resume for a Cashiers Wanted Advertisement?

Write a resume for a cashiers wanted advertisement by emphasizing relevant cashier experience as well as experience from previous work and other experience that would translate well to a cashier job. Without being overly wordy, use the resume to highlight the cashier-suitable skills of each job and experience.

One way of organizing your resume for this position is to use four specific skill areas needed for modern cashier positions: cashiering, customer service, communication and computer skills. In this example, the skills are described before the specific work experience is listed, which helps to give the jobs listed a cashier context.

Cashier skills should be listed first and include any experience taking money for goods and services, using cash registers and calculators, solid mathematical ability and the ability to process returned items. Customer service is the next important skill and should include experience greeting customers, bagging their purchases, helping them apply for gift cards and store cards, and providing answers and information about the store in a friendly and accessible manner.

Computer skills are the final important section. While the relevant programs may vary, list as many computer programs as you are familiar with, such as Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Microsoft Word and Quickbooks.

Below these skills, list specific job experiences by date, with the most recent experiences first. Entries should include the date, name of the store, name of the position and brief description of duties. Below the relevant jobs should be other experience, and below that, your educational background.