How Do You Write a Resume for a Bank Teller?

How Do You Write a Resume for a Bank Teller?

A resume for a bank teller's position should include a career summary, include past job descriptions and accomplishments, use bullet points and informative but concise descriptions. The average time it takes a prospective employer to scan a resume is 25 seconds. Therefore, the resume should be no more than one page, use clean type and have clear headings.

Since prospective employers can receive hundreds of resumes, it is important that an applicant's resume stand out from the rest. The following a simple format may help the resume get a second look and prompt an interview.

  1. Start with a career summary or objective
  2. A career summary or objective is one of the best ways to grab the attention of a prospective employer. This should be a brief one-sentence statement that summarizes a person's career goals.

  3. Only address recent employment history
  4. A good resume only includes employment history from the past 10 to 15 years. The job descriptions should consist of concise, easy-to-read bullet points.

  5. Avoid unnecessary information
  6. Do not include hobbies or extracurricular interests. Also, avoid listing outdated technical or business skills. Keep that information up-to-date, displaying current knowledge.

  7. Format the resume correctly
  8. A prospective employer most likely will not want to take the time to read a crowded and disorganized resume. Use wide margins and appropriate spacing to make it easy to read. Bold headings help to draw one's attention to important points in the resume.