How Do You Write a Restaurant Business Plan?


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A well-written restaurant business plan contains the restaurant's executive summary and description. It also contains the restaurant's financial statement, including the balance sheet, and cash flow and income statements. Attaching supporting documents such as bank statements, tax returns and an organizational responsibility flow chart completes the process.

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The executive summary comes at the plan's beginning and should be three or less pages. It provides an introduction of the restaurant and discusses the potential market and competitors. It also contains the strategies that the restaurant intends to apply to stay competitive. The restaurant's description includes the restaurant's name, contacts, address and experience of the owners. It also specifies the type of the business, which includes a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company; and the restaurant's goals. Describe the restaurant's employees, operations and target market in the description section, as well.

When describing the employees, include both the managers and junior employees, and group them according to their departments. State the duties of each employee, salary and benefits. The restaurant's operations include its location and equipment, such kitchen appliances, plus their costs. State how the restaurant intends to obtain the equipment -- leasing or buying. Additionally, include potential supply sources and the cost of the supplies.

The target market description contains marketing strategies including advertisements and the how much it costs to implement the strategies. Include relevant permits and licenses needed to run the restaurant and their costs.

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